People with wine glasses and wooden barrels in a winery.

About Us

Our family-owned agricultural estate, encompassing 4 hectares of vineyards, is situated on a hill in the heart of the Valpolicella Classica region, north of Verona.

The legacy of family management, passed down through numerous generations with a deep-rooted passion and love for the land, combined with our knowledge of the territory and the choice of native grape varieties such as Corvina, Corvinone, and Rondinella, form the foundation of our wines.

As a small-scale operation, we produce niche wines of exceptional quality, respecting nature and minimizing the use of pesticides. When necessary, we employ the technique of thinning excess grapes to maintain the high quality of the fruit – a method used by very few Valpolicella wineries.

We exclusively hand-harvest our grapes. For the production of Amarone and Recioto, grapes are collected in specially designed wooden crates, then placed in our drying room to undergo a months-long withering process.

Our guiding principles are utmost transparency and a steadfast commitment to tradition.

Our agricultural lineage dates back to the 16th century, while our winery was established in 1930.

Our Wines


Our vineyards.

The vineyards of Marano, set against the picturesque backdrop of Valpolicella, narrate a tale of passion and tradition through the exquisite Amarone and Recioto wines.

Vines climb the sun-drenched hills, yielding grapes of extraordinary quality.

The crafting of Amarone commences with grape withering, concentrating sugars and infusing the wine with depth and complexity.

The outcome is an intensely colored wine with enveloping aromas, featuring notes of ripe fruit, spices, and a pleasant hint of sour cherry.

On the other hand, Recioto is a sweet wine hailing from the same grapes, carefully dried to enhance their natural sweetness.

Its nuances of dried fruit, chocolate, and jam blend in an unforgettable gustatory embrace.

Each sip embarks on a sensory journey into Marano's terroir and artisanal prowess, where wine-making tradition harmonizes with innovation, bestowing unique emotions with every tasting.

Vineyard with hilly landscape and blue sky.

"Would you like to come and join us for a tasting?"

Nestled in the hills of Verona, a tasting in Valpolicella is an unforgettable culinary journey. Paired with local cheeses and cured meats, these wines harmonize perfectly with Veronese cuisine.


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